The Novalé Podcast: Behind the Bathrooms

09: How to Grow Your Business Sustainably with Nasser Abdu (JFC Advisory)

March 11, 2021

Growing your business can mean a lot of things. It can be growing in sales. It can be expanding the product and service offerings. It can even be building the team. But how often do you think about the fundamentals? The systems, policies and procedures that enable you to run the business without you needing to be there? Could you take a 7 week holiday to Europe (like Steve did with Novalé Bathrooms) whilst still being able to keep the business running? Our guest on this is episode is Nasser Abdu, a business advisor whom helps organisations grow and expand whilst keeping the operations and fundamentals effectively sound. This episode Nasser will explain why growing your business sustainably means perfecting the fundamentals and building a system, rather than just generating more sales.


Join Nasser, Ben and Steve on this episode to learn how to grow your business sustainably.


What we discuss:

- Nasser's early career and education

- Why there is no 'perfect' moment to start a business

- When did Nas meet Steve?

- What does a business advisor do?

- What does a business consultant do?

- What does a business coach do?

- What systems, policies and procedures need to be refined in order to grow

- Why you need to document processes

- Final words


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